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September 23, 2019

Video Filming Tips 2019

We are living in the year of 2019 and video marketing is exploding.

A majority of people are getting started with recording video to post and help spread their message.

But what if they can’t hear what you have to say? Video recording should include clear audio along with recorded footage or you have already lost the reason for trying to gain an audience.

Sadly, it does not always work out that way. Many business or entrepreneurs make the mistake of focusing on capturing the best quality visuals for the video content they are trying to produce and “drop the mic” on making sure the audio is clear, aligned, and free of defects.

Humans are heavily interacting with mobile device video in 2019. The video component may have flaws or export in a less than perfect (pixels out of focus, grainy, under-exposed, etc.) but if the audio is clear and at the right volume without noticeable interruptions the project could still be a success and used for marketing.

If video requires recording a both elements the same time be prepared and have decent equipment. Prepare for noises such as wind and ambient sounds that may be picked up from the background or you will be visiting this guys YouTube.

Try to choose a location that is quiet and no wind at all if possible. Definitely us a wind muff or “dead cat” to shield the microphone from the elements. It only takes a little wind noise or moisture to ruin the audio track and is nearly impossible to edit out.

Setup a sound booth or similar environment with small space and carpeted floors. Any wall treatments such as curtain, pictures, etc will help avoid harsh sounds by hollow and empty locations. Professional foam wall dampening material can be attained by simply using some various material found at a hardware store.

Going to film an interview? Invest in a lapel mic or a couple of them (wired amazon lapel mics $20). The quality difference can be noticed immediately when setup in the correct manner. The wired lapel mics are the most affordable option and wireless is costlier along with more complexity of setting them up. These days some of the lapel mics have the smartphone/camera option and they run a small battery for DSLR cameras that need this feature to operate.

(DO NOT FORGET TO TURN ON LAPEL MIC SWITCH WHEN FILMING) This hint is from some failed projects scenes that when played back you quickly realize the audio quality has a large echo in it.

Finally, it should be a given that if you are editing the footage yourself, get familiar with your audio editing software or apps that are being used. The video editing along with audio alignment can get a bit tricky when cutting scenes. Starting with Filmora for it’s easy use and affordable for beginners.

You will want to upgrade to Adobe Premier Pro eventually for Industry-standard pro video and film editing.

Try to have each scene filmed at a decent rate as to allow for smooth audio transitions and just get started! All the blog reading in the world won;t help you if the projects is never started. Mistakes is how we learn and gather experience.

Quentin A. Shock is the lead designer and founder of Digital Banzai. He lives in Melbourne, Florida with his lovely wife and four kids. He enjoys surfing, fishing, and hanging at the beach with other families. Connect with Quentin on Linked-in and Twitter.

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