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Ethical search practices with a creative marketing campaign will yield positive results.

Web browser have come a long way in changing how people (or web designers) could spam keywords (keyword stuffing) in order to rick a consumer into clicking a link. This is how White hat (versus dark hat) search engine optimization has evolved and involves following ethical industry trends and tactics such as on and off paid optimization, link building, content development, and keyword research.

The term white hat does not mean we sit around wearing fancy stove pipe hats. (although we may on a crazy holiday) This term means you understand your working with a white hat SEO company and ethics is the foundation of our efforts. (no, I won’t stuff your keyword into a website 300 times) here the number one web browser Google has mentioned Google has mentioned

"White hat” search engine optimizers often improve the usability of a site, help create great content, or make sites faster, which is good for both users and search engines. Good search engine optimization can also mean good marketing: thinking about creative ways to make a site more compelling, which can help with search engines as well as social media.

Understanding that Google is the most used web browser and central authority by which to measure online efforts. We at Digital Banzai pay attention to their rules.

Active Google Analytics

Setting up google analytics is the first checkbox in setting up your SEO campaign.

This tool is vital in helping to measure the phase your website is currently at then utilize this data for a baseline to form a plan. The age-old wisdom of “you can’t understand the present without knowing the past” is very true regarding online efforts. Depending on your project we can use history or start a new campaign to compare results. These analytic reports are one way to measure and gain insight on your website to assist in converting your traffic.

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Website Audit

The platform of your website can affect ranking efforts.

Taking a deeper look into the structure of your website tells us if there are problems that can be resolved or if your platform has the core necessities to build upon. There are certain platforms such as Wix or Weebly that will hinder your sites ranking by putting their code in-line and ranking their brand first. We prefer open sourced CMS platforms such as WordPress that does not reduce our marketing efforts.

Having the best foundation in which to work will help future campaigns with the technical analysis of items such as search engine indexability, site speed, on-page optimization factors, URL structure, duplicate content, canonicalization issues, image alt descriptions, site health and more.

Keyword Research

What are your potential customers typing in the Google box?

Every day people are using search engine and typing in words or phrases into the search box trying to find resources or companies like yours. Identifying the types of keywords or common keyword phrases people are using helps define the user intent. The goal is to put your company forward as an option the consumer maybe looking to consider.

Each person may use a different phrase to search for just one or two keywords of your service. You may have a general idea of words but little tweaks to this research joined with content strategy is important in order to cast the largest net possible towards people searching and direct them to your website.

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Content Development

What does your ideal consumer read about?

One of the common terms in the digital marketing industry is there is a difference in “creating great content versus creating content for the sake of creating content” Deciding on your topic with target audience in mind we first ask “Will this content truly benefit your target demographic?” Depending on the audience or industry your piece of content (written, graphic, video, etc.) will set the benchmark for driving traffic inbound. We set out to create something that is informative entertaining, insightful, compelling, inline with the nature of your business.

Link Building

Websites that have authority help others that have less.

Unless your industry is very niche (tiny mouse dress design by single hand sewing) the above tactics alone will not be enough to surge your website onto the top of search engine result pages. (SERPs) Which is why strategic link building has been an important strategy and will continue to play a key role towards the success of an online presence. We review your competitor’s links and additional clues for a unique opportunity that can help you get links from authoritative websites relevant to your industry. This can benefit your online presences depending on the domain as well as theirs.

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Ongoing SEO

The online world is constantly changing.

Just as your business must adapt and grow in order to stay relevant and effective so does online SEO practice. Staying ahead of the competition takes ongoing efforts, updates, maintenance, and strategy to keep up with search algorithm updates.

Part of an ongoing content strategy as well as focus on the website user experience plays a key role in maintaining and improving rankings.  Managing link building, competitive keywords, site rankings, web traffic, and consumer conversions build up a healthy online campaign. The strategy is to improve your website and online strategy along with ideas to improve your website and continue to adapt analytics data.