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Local search and map pack presence is vital to a brick and mortar business and beyond.

Local search is growing with every mobile device sold. Whether you’re a dentist, restaurant, mechanic, realtor, beauty spa, or local creator of widgets local search is important. Performing an audit and checking for your online presence will help you to understand if local SEO services are right for you.

Google wants people to find you. Your business is local, and your customers are local. So, improving local search results makes sense correct? There are several obvious reasons local results are important but a well-managed local strategy will help you rank beyond just this small area of the world. There are different factors in local SEO compared to the national white hat SEO strategy.

Local SEO is about using a slightly different strategy and plan of action in order to stay on top of local search results.

People trust local search results with natural keywords

The strategy of local SEO goals here at Digital Banzai is to get our clients ranked within the local search results area also known as Google’s map pack as well as the natural search results.

Part of this strategy is a combination of Google My Business optimization along with citation building that are part of our local SEO packages.

Optimizing items such as citations, reviews, NAP (name, address, phone) and keyword factors are a part of helping with local search campaigns and validates a local company.

Humans are using search engines for everything

Search engines local and far are becoming the primary source for consumers trying to search for local businesses. According to various data collected by ComScore Search engines or at the top of the list for local search results.

While this data and results are known to marketers in the industry it may be surprising that those that invest an online search regarding local search engine optimization.

Digital Banzai’s Local SEO service focus on helping your business get a part of this search traffic.

Consumers using search to find a local business often call or visit.

Consumers that you search engines locally on their device to find a business or product have an extremely high chance of contacting the business via phone or email or possibly even in person.

Typically, they are looking at other local businesses for key components to convince them yours is the correct one to contacts.

A part of our goal is to place trust signals within your website to assist in getting prospective customers to engage with you. (versus the other competition)

Our local SEO campaigns are planned on several factors according to data gathered from Moz a reputable SEO performance software company.

Our Local SEO Process

Local SEO Plan
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Local Website Optimization

First things first. Let’s get a website published!

In order to optimize a local business strategy, we need a website as a launch point. Separating your on page ranking factors such as map listing, phone numbers, URLs, headings, meta-descriptions, title tags, are a part of the role in setting up specifics that search engines look for.

The business NAP, or name, address, and phone number must have consistency to match all of your off-page company information. Utilizing the graph above provided by Moz we learn more about local website optimization and every aspect involved.

Website Optimization strategy consists of the factors in the Moz graph above: On-page Signals

Local Keyword Research

What are your local customers really searching for?

Depending on your industry there are several local keywords that contain the word of the city within the sentence. For example, “Brevard Florida Lawyer” or “SEO Melbourne FL” are a few terms with local counties or cities inserted. With determine focus on keyword research you can understand more about what consumers are searching for and compare it with other terms with data to back it up.

Narrowing the field of potential keywords is valuable information towards your target market and is another vital part of the process in generating leads from various ways people search online. Understanding how much a CPC would cost versus local SEO efforts is another factor as well.

Local Keyword Research consists of the factors in the Moz graph above: On-page Signals
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Google My Business Optimization

Your storefront on the worlds largest search engine.

Part of local search optimization your Google My Business page is part of the foundation in which we concentrate our SEO efforts. There are other authoritative local searches such as Bing Local and Apple Maps in which we adapt to as well in a local SEO strategy. We also focus on optimizing Google Places that can translate into more clicks by giving your site more appeal with mobile users.

This part of our goal is to lift your Google My Business listing in the search engines to the very top of local search results. If this is achieved your perspective consumers have the best chance of finding your listing versus other competitors and having another choice.

Google My Business consists of the factors in the Moz graph above: My Business Signals

Citation Review Strategy

Consistent information across the globe.

Citations are a part of a global directory in assisting search engines with additional information confirming the details of your business. Some examples such as Yahoo Locals, Hot Frog, Bing local, Yelp!, Foursquare, Merchant Circle, and others.

Your citations are important as this mentions your business information on several listings even if it’s not linking to your site directly. Citations have proven to be a very key component in allowing algorithms of search engines to rank a business as being equal to others.

If your local business has a large volume of citations in the correct format across the board the probability of it ranking higher than other businesses is high.

Citation strategy consists of the factors in the Moz graph above: Citation Signals
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Local Search Reviews

What does your consumer think about you?

When considering online reviews, the human factor is considered as opposed to the search engine approach. (what the bots crawl) Real reviews are very important and sometimes referred to as “online gold” among marketers. This is due to how heavily it weighs in on the decision making factor when a potential consumer or client wants an opinion of your business versus the other competitor.

It has been said online reviews are second only to real time personal advice from a friend (or fellow consumer) when purchasing decisions are presented to us. Direct user reviews are more influential versus third party reviews. This is another aspect of how a real humans review can affect search engines and ranking with local SEO depending on others suggestions.

Local Search Review strategy consists of the factors in the Moz graph above: Review Signals

Local Link Building

Let’s connect with other’s online.

Reviewing the above graphic, we noticed link signals are the second hire factor and ranking for a local business. We focused heavily on building the best links to your online site from industry related content that provides potentially hire value referral traffic.

Websites that contain higher domain authority will help improve the overall ranking of your local site. Taking in several of the factors regarding link building locally and abroad are foundation to local search engine optimization. Link building is a key component of these local SEO services that require consistent input to help rank above your competitors.

Link Building strategy consists of the factors in the Moz graph above: Link Signals
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