Google Pay Per Click Advertising Services

Using pay per click we can expand your brand reach and grow your business faster.

Utilizing digital Banzai in your journey our partnership starts with a complete understanding of your business and online goals to achieve. We can review your current website and Pay Per Click campaigns to help us determine opportunities or challenges that lie ahead. Expectations play a big part and we make sure to align with yours. Continuing with our evaluation of PPC opportunities and the data discovered we outline a position. Part of the research applies to your budget of what you should be allocating and competitive industry conversion rates at the time.

Depending on the statistics if our research shows potential areas of improvement, we can move forward with developing a PPC strategy for which to build your campaign upon.

Paid Search

This targets a consumer at the exact moment they are searching for your service or product. You can use paid search for many stages in the sales funnel for attracting customers. Paid search for insight and conversion potential with every campaign.

Display Advertising

There is skeptical view that display ads are misused. But when used in the manner such as re-marketing, target by interest, contextual targeting, topic targeting, and target by website placement these ads will help with the attraction stage of the consumers funnel.

Online Shopping

Use of these ads target consumers at the exact moment of product search. We create custom feed that assist in the paid search process to gain maximum visibility for your budget. This category needs laser focus depending on the industry.

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Ongoing PPC Account Management

Finding the right target requires constant attention

Starting with the campaign launch we focus on conversion optimization putting this at the forefront of your goals. Using expert tactics in setting up the campaigns is only half the battle. Constant strategy refinement on your project helps to stretch every dollar spent on the campaign.

These areas include the research of a comprehensive negative keyword list and testing of various types of ad copy. Managing campaign items such demographics, geographics, tweaking of timing, keywords in common, budgeting, etc.

Another benefit of our PPC management services is consultation on your website and conversion potential. We are always looking for ways to improve your PPC campaign with robust reporting and ongoing analysis to ensure your success is our success.

Bing Ads Pay Per Click Campaigns

The other search engine with lower PPC rates.

While it is understood Google is the number one search platform online Bing Ads is an effective PPC platform on a lower scale with attainable results. To understand from a budgeting opportunity, we can compare and notice that Bing ads offer 33% cheaper cost per click then Google on average.

This could result in more ad traffic for your budget spend allocated. Also, Bing Ads contains a robust demographic tool to assist in targeting than Google. This additional ability helps us to control age and gender targets that view ads and how they are displayed to those markets more effectively. Furthermore, the demographic that utilizes Bing tends to be older than that of google creating an entirely new segment depending on your industry.

PPC click Campaigns

The Goal is High Return in Ad Spend. (ROAS)

Our focus is “to make clients more then they invest and our agency.”

With Digital Banzai our focus is “to make clients more then they invest and our agency” We consider our management fee, ad spend, and expected conversion rates. This includes consideration of expectations by our clients and how we can exceed those goals. We try not to operate like other PPC agencies that will take your money without first determining your potential profit margins with a simple estimate.

Part of our first discussions during the evaluation of your company are the products and perceived advertising cost along with our management fee. If it is determined PPC is a good investment for you this will be confirmed before we start not after we attempt an initial campaign.

Why Digital Banzai PPC is different?

Your expectations are everything to us.

Your company goals and budget allocated for PPC management services need a clear understanding of expectations by an agency. We take a look at industry conversion rates and what that means for your wallet. Whether it’s your 50th PPC campaign or your very first one Digital Banzai provides you a sound estimate of search volume, estimate of clicks available, click share, estimate of clicks, estimated click through rates, and approximate cost per click.

Whether it’s your 50th PPC campaign or your very first one Digital Banzai provides you a sound estimate of search volume, estimated clicks available, click share, estimated clicks, estimated click-through-rates, and approximate cost per click. This data is then aligned with your budget with the estimated conversion rates to give potential view of what your revenue would look like each month. These estimates allow us some “breathing room” to exceed your expectations with keeping the budget in mind.

PPC Expectations